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Inbound Marketing Statistics from HubSpot

Mar 15, 2011 9:53:00 AM Posted by Jessie Devine

Inbound Marketing Statistics

inbound marketing statisticsIf you’ve had doubts in the past about what inbound marketing is, whether or not it really works, or how you could benefit, this post may be of help to you. HubSpot recently released its State of Inbound Marketing Report for 2011 and the data in it is very convincing.

These statistics are taken straight from HubSpot’s report. This is just a snippet, so I encourage you to download the full report. If you have questions or curiosities about how inbound marketing might apply to your business, please contact us.

Three out of four inbound channels cost less than any outbound channel:

  • Blogs, social media, and organic search were listed as the expensive channels.
  • Blogs had the highest instance of being reported as “Below Average Cost:” 55% of companies who blog indicated leads from this channel were below average cost.
  • Trade shows, PPC, direct mail, and telemarketing were most frequently ranked as more expensive.

The majority of businesses are increasing inbound marketing budgets:

  • 54% are increasing their inbound marketing budgets.
  • 89% are either maintaining or increasing their inbound marketing budgets.
  • Among the 54% with increased inbound marketing budgets, the most commonly cited reason was past success with inbound marketing.
  • The majority of businesses attributed their decreasing budgets to the economic conditions (71%) or a change in management (15%).

Small companies continue to spend more of their budgets on inbound marketing:

  • In 2011, small businesses (1 to 5 employees) plan to spend 49% of their lead generation budgets on inbound marketing.
  • In comparison, medium-to-large businesses (50 or more employees) only plan to spend 36% of their lead generation budgets on inbound marketing.
  • Small business are only giving 10% of their budget to outbound, while medium-to-large business are allocating 28% of their budget to outbound channels.
  • Small businesses plan to spend dramatically more of their budgets on social media and blogs.
  • Medium-to-large businesses plan to spend more of their budgets on outbound methods, including trade shows, direct mail and telemarketing.

Download HubSpot’s full report.

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